More-than-Human Worlds | Mundos más que humanos

My interest in this topic is centered around works, whether cinematic or literary, that push us to think beyond anthropocentric worldviews and interrogate the relationships between humans and other living and non-living beings. This project has taken me to examine the representations of plants, animals, robots, and other non-human beings in films, novels, and short stories from Spain and Latin America that pay special attention to human and non-human entanglements.

Mi interés en este tema se centra en obras, ya sean cinematográficas o literarias, que nos empujan a pensar más allá de visiones antropocéntricas del mundo e interrogar las relaciones entre humanos y otros seres vivos y no vivos. Este proyecto me ha llevado a examinar las representaciones de plantas, animales, robots y otros seres no humanos en películas, novelas y cuentos de España y América Latina que ponen particular atención a los entrelazamientos de humanos y no humanos.

Publications | Publicaciones

“Poshumanismo y capitalismo digital en Kentukis de Samanta Schweblin.” Hispanic Studies Review, vol. 6, no. 1, 2022, pp. 1-17. [webpage]

“‘He Did Not Know Which of the Two Shadows Was His’: A Posthumanist Reading of Amparo Dávila’s First Short Story Collection.” Humanística, vol. 2, no.3, 2021, pp. 68-83. [webpage]

“Local Landscapes, Global Conversations: The Case of Three Environmental Documentary Films from the Hispanic World.” Environmental Cultural Studies Through Time: The Luso-Hispanic World, special issue of Hispanic Issues On Line, edited by Kata Beilin, Kathleen Conolly, and Micah McKay, vol. 24, 2019, pp. 65–78. [webpage]

Special Issues | Dossiers

Border Environments: Toward a Political Ecology of the Edges of the World

A project funded by the Central New York Humanities Corridor and co-organized by Debra Castillo (Cornell), Anindita Banerjee (Cornell), Gail Bulman (Syracuse), Oscar A. Pérez (Skidmore), and Beth Jörgensen (Rochester).

Reviews | Reseñas

Review of Lesley Wylie’s The Poetics of Plants in Spanish American Literature. H-Environment, H-Net Reviews. June 2021. [webpage]  

Edited Volumes | Colecciones de ensayos críticos

Plants and Animals in Latin American Cultures

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